Becoming a member of Newport Rowing Club is easy, a great way to get fit, stay fit and meet new friends.

Our ever expanding membership includes juniors, men’s and ladies senior squads and recreational rowers. We are well equipped to coach you in both rowing and sculling, on some of the safest waters available anywhere on the island. Safety is a priority for us at Newport, which means you will usually see both of our safety launches on the river during training sessions.

New Members

Potential new members at Newport are invited to come along to any Sunday club session, where they will be offered up to three “try-out” sessions before committing to full membership. Beginners should be in a position to assess whether rowing is a sport they wish to continue with by the end of the third session. If you wish to go on and develop your interest, we have a wide range of membership categories to suit individuals, family groups, juniors, students and associate members.

Our Fees

Our fees are very competitive when compared to a lot of other sports and the costs of a yearly gym membership. All the necessary equipment and coaching is included in the subscription fee.

Our membership fees run from January to January, but we also offer a pro-rata system for first year members. This means that even if you join Newport Rowing Club part way through our membership year, you will only pay the equivalent weekly fee for whatever category you take up, until full subscriptions are due again in the January.

Rowing Kits

Dedicated rowing kit is available from our own specialist supplier, which also represents good value against some other outlets, but club kit in Newport colours is only a real necessity if you go on to compete at regattas and other events, although it is fair to say that most people subscribe to the sense of belonging and team spirit that rowing in club colours promotes.

Ideal clothing for beginners includes a close fitting base layer T-shirt, some lycra shorts or leggings, a fairly close fitting gilet or light fleece and a lightweight showerproof top. This list should be modified according to the season, with the addition of more layers and perhaps a thermal hat during the winter months, but hoodies with front pockets are best avoided, as these will almost certainly act as a magnet for stray fingers and thumbs. Under no circumstances should denim be considered appropriate to wear in the boats. We always advise our members to bring along a towel and complete set of spare clothing in case you are caught in a sudden downpour or in the very unlikely event of a capsize.

As getting into and out of the boats requires standing shin deep in the river, some form of footwear that is okay to get wet should be considered an essential. This will help to protect your feet whilst moving around on the riverbank, and may take the form of an old pair of trainers, flip-flops, wet-shoes or wellington boots. Wellingtons should be favoured during the winter months in order to reduce the likelihood of feet getting wet and cold. We have a selection of wellies at the club which you are welcome to use, but unless you have two left feet, one being a size 4 and the other a size 12 and have a particular keenness for one green wellie and one with pictures of ladybirds on it, you’re probably better off bringing your own!

Other Bits

A water bottle is a very important part of the rowing kit, in order that you can maintain hydration levels during training, and a pair of sunglasses will reduce the glare from the river on bright days in both the summer and winter.

Our membership criteria is not complicated, and is designed to encourage people in to the sport, however we will need to be made aware of any potential medical conditions which may affect your training sessions, and be able to verify your ability to swim at least 50 metres, unaided, in light clothing. For non-swimmers, it is a requirement that a low-profile lifejacket or buoyancy aid is worn, which we can provide.

Potential junior members will need to have the signature of a parent or guardian on their membership application form, in order for us to verify certain points of membership criteria. Parents or guardians of juniors are most welcome to stay and observe training sessions from the riverbank or our balcony, or perhaps get involved themselves! There will almost certainly be a cup of tea or coffee on the go and a slice of freshly baked cake if you are lucky.

All members should be assured that no information supplied on membership forms, whether for senior or junior athletes, is disclosed to any third party, and no identifiable photographs of junior members will appear on this website or any press release without consent first being given by an appropriate parent or guardian.